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Florida was the first to go down in the property crash and was the first to come out. This means Florida is leading the trend ahead of other locations. It is a major US location, (arguably) the top tourist destination in the world and has its own, strong, micro economy in tourism, technology and finance. It has a culture of renting and a large migrating population of professionals and young families boosts the already-high demand for good quality apartments. Orlando is at the centre of Florida's growth.

The Florida Investment Properties

We specialise in refurbished condo apartments and family houses in Florida, primarily in the Orlando area and often at 50% discounts from peak value. Prices range from $75,000 to $110,000 for condos and $90,000 to $120,000 for houses and both offer yields of 9% to 11% net.Our Florida properties are tenanted and managed and often come with one year home warranties.

About our Florida partner

Our Florida partners have backgrounds in high-end real estate and brokerage, having worked for some of the leading global real estate companies. They offer an uncompromising level of service, a value which is instilled in every member of the team. They also offer an incredibly high level of media material in images and videos of completed work, due to further background experience in photography and technology. This carries though in their communications, the speed with which they work and their dynamic and diligent management of all projects. This level of experience and service make our Florida partners incredibly popular with our investors. Our Florida partners are members of: the Florida Association of Realtors; the National Association of Realtors; the Central Florida Broker Council; the Orlando Regional International Council of Real Estate; and are cited as Certified Foreclosure Specialists.

What the experts say

“The Siamese twins of Florida’s economy, the labour and housing markets, are both experiencing a creeping convalescence. The improvements in the larger economic and financial environments will provide a more hospitable climate for Florida to continue its recovery from a deep and prolonged recession.”Dr. Sean Snaith, Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the University of Central Florida.

“People thing I am gushing about Orlando, but I’ve got to believe the city will be one of the fastest growing cities over the next 25 years.”Mark Vitner, senior economist, Wells Fargo.

“Orlando is the strongest economy, which is the long-term tendency for an area to consistently grow in size and quality. Orlando seems to be very much one of those cities of the future that’s still very young at heart and has a lot of growth ahead.”William Fruth, president, POLICOM.

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